How to Get Highly Targeted Traffic through Social Bookmarking
Posted 7 years ago

I’ve written a post on getting started with social bookmarking and another one on the benefits of tagging your web contents and a post on how to attract free traffic…

How to Get Highly Targeted Traffic through So…
How Important is it to Connect with Real People Online?
Posted 7 years ago

The start of this new year has been incredible for me. It seems things are just advancing at an accelerated pace for me and in the right direction I would…

How Important is it to Connect with Real Peop…
How to Get the Maximum out of Facebook Comments Plugin
Posted 7 years ago

Guest Post By Brankica Underwood
Knowing that Facebook is number 1 in the world when it comes to visitors number, more and more bloggers are focusing on finding ways to present…

How to Get the Maximum out of Facebook Commen…
3 Steps to Help You Get Where You Want To Be for Internet Marketing Newbie
Posted 7 years ago

Guest Post by life coach Olivia Antonic
The life of an Internet marketer/blogger newbie could be very lonely. Invariably they work alone, the people in their immediate circle don’t share their ‘nerdy’…

3 Steps to Help You Get Where You Want To Be …

Top 5 Factors for Local Search Engine Optimisation


Local SEO Perth Business ImageOver the past Month I’ve been really enjoying doing some Local Search Engine Optimisation for my local Perth clients. If you wonder that this is, well, the techniques used to improve the search engine rankings for the website of a local business in a specific city or the local area is called local Search Engine Optimisation (Local SEO in short). This post will show you how you can get your website to rank very well with the search engines when people search for businesses like yours in your city, suburb or town.

As a whole, search engine optimisation is traditionally used for a broader reach within search engine results but this approach can be use to help business rank well within their local area. This post will reveal the five most important factors for local search engine optimisation and getting ranked within your immediate area.

Factor #1: Local Long-Tail Keywords on your Website

Discover the long-tail keywords you will be using for your business through the Google Keyword Tool. Search for relevant terms for your business and then make sure you add your “city”, “state”, “postal code” and nearby locations to improve your long-tail phrases. Use your keywords on your web pages, body copy, links and more. Diversify your keyword usage but always aim to rank well for the main term that will bring you the greatest traffic based on the results shared by the Google Keyword Tool. An example of such a keyword would be Perth Local Search Engine […]

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Is Google Authorship Markup Important for SEO?

Internet marketing is a dynamic industry. The tips and trends that are at rage today might become completely obsolete tomorrow. It’s a must for internet marketers to stay updated about latest trends and techniques in the industry. Two major pillars of SEO are search engine and social media. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. contribute to a lot of visitors to different websites over the internet.

Introduction to Authorship Markup

Top search engines such as Google have been introducing new trends for over a long period of time. Google has been going this to validate itself and its policies, to endorse ethical practices to get exposure online and also to facilitate online marketers. A recent edition in the list of Google’s new introductions is the authorship markup. It is related to content marketing and it has been defined by Google as the method that displays authorship information in the SERP for all the content that the author is creating. In simple words, authorship is Google’s acknowledgement that a certain individual has created the content and published it on the web.

Benefits of Authorship Markup

Google authorship markup consists of a range benefits for content marketers. Before discussing those benefits, it’s important to understand that authorship markup helps a website to get better ranking. The chief benefits of Google’s authorship markup are following;

The first benefit that deserves a mention is higher click through rate. After authorship markup was integrated, many […]

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Creative Web Content marketingThere are many methods of SEO and internet marketing available to businesses in 2013. At present we are witnessing a boom in creative content marketing especially. SEO content has experienced a transition over the past few years and now more emphasis is being placed on quality and creativity. This is not only winning more financial gain for businesses, but also the hearts and minds of the consumer and competitors as well. There is a lot more respect and profitability to be reaped by being creative and really caring about the marketing based content you put out on the internet. This means that SEO content is now also enhancing the reputation and credibility of companies too.

What is content marketing?

It is first essential to determine what content marketing is in case this is a method that is not used by business reading this at present. It revolves around any piece of content – ranging from blog posts, to videos, to infographics – that has been designed in order to promote the business in question. Despite the essential purpose being marketing, the content still needs to be informative and of purpose. When talking about online content marketing you will find that the content has been created with SEO in mind. Therefore the use of discreet SEO and quality link building are often key components.

Creative quality

As mentioned, there has been a transition in content marketing. There has been a lot more emphasis placed on the need for quality and creative […]

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Search Engine OptimisationThere is so much talk about SEO (search engine optimisation) today and so many different aspects that build up to it that is can be daunting to even begin. SEO is relevant and important when you build or run a website today. If you have ever used Google, then you will understand that it’s important for a website to be high in rankings and on page one; how many times have you ventured farther than page one for what you need? SEO gets you there.

The technological advances of today mean that information is everywhere you look. If you need to know something or want to find services or products: you look online. Search engines are highly intelligent and are the easiest place to go when you need to find information of something you are looking to buy. The offer of information means that the search engines are extremely powerful. Knowledge is power after all. Without the use of search engines, it would be much harder to find what you are looking for.

So, this explains the significance of search engines and search engine optimisation. In order to find the right services for you, you can use a search engine or visit the SEO Positive website. It’s important to have an idea of what you want beforehand so you can make sure you get the services you need. Effective SEO means that when people search for your ‘keywords’, they will find your website in search results. The higher you are […]

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Avoid SEO Over Optimization Penalty by Google

Google has recently announced that it has been working on a policy for over optimization. The announcement has caused much resentment in the SEO industry that is already dealing with this problem.

However, a better option would be to avoid over optimization, thus dealing with the problem in an effective manner.

1.) Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is not a good thing to do. Search engines have grown smart and Google can catch your misadventure easily. Avoid spamming the content with too much keywords.
Keywords should be used in such a manner so that they get spread out evenly throughout the text. Place the keywords in URL, header tag and occasionally once or twice in the first paragraph.

Irrelevant keywords should be avoided as these do more harm than good.

2.) Quality Content

Doing quality research is imperative before you get down drafting the content. The content should always be informative, engaging and well written. Copying is a strict no and Google will penalize you for this action.

Research well before you gets down with penning down your thoughts. This is the best way to come out with quality content. Choosing to write about in your niche area is another option that will bring quality in your content.

Checking with copy cape is a good idea as all the duplicate content will get sorted out. Quality content will not only help you achieve a higher page rank but will also ensure that you emerge as a niche writer in your chosen […]

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PinterestIf you operate a blog or business website, chances are strong that you understand the importance of utilizing social networking sites for marketing and promotional purposes. According to comScore Data Mine, social networking sites reached 82 percent of the world’s online population, representing 1.2 billion users around the world, as of January 2012. By establishing a strong presence on the most popular networking sites, you can drive massive amounts of global traffic to your blog or business website, which can translate to more revenue and exposure.

The hottest social networking phenomena to date is Pinterest, a virtual pinboard-style photo sharing community. According to Fortune magazine, Pinterest has become the fastest growing social media website in history. Yes, you read that correctly! Pinterest is growing more rapidly than Facebook and has become the fastest social networking site ever to hit 10 million unique monthly visitors.

So, what’s this Pinterest really all about? Pinterest gives its users the opportunity to share the amazing multimedia content they find throughout the web. This content may include photos, videos or even text-based items. Some of the most common content themes that can be found on Pinterest include beauty, fashion, home decor, foods, arts and crafts and inspiration. Pinterest really does create a sense of community in that its users can follow other users who happen to share similar tastes and interests. Pinterest users, or “pinners” as they are known, can create their own pinboards organized by various categories, such as “fashion” or “delicious […]

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