Privacy is a big concern for the internet users. As Internet is a biggest shared medium, there are many ways the user’s privacy can be targeted. So, whether you are browsing any website or using any other internet service, there are different elements seen tracking your movements and monitoring other data surrounding you. This can be your Internet browsing habits and your personal information like address, location, email, phone numbers etc. If you are concerned about your privacy issue over the Internet, the following top ten add-ons can prevent these people to access these information. You can remain completely anonymous while browsing the web.

1). NoScript

It is supposedly one of the most versatile kinds of add-ons discovered for any browser, though it can prove a bit complex for the beginners. NoScript play a vital role in preventing your websites from executing any JavaScript and Java content of any kind which can pose a big or small kind of security threat. It has a built in whitelisting feature which allows you to see only the trusted websites. It is compatible to Firefox browser. With this tool, you can certainly fight the war for your privacy over your web usage.

2). Adblock Plus

This add-on is considered to be a popular choice for users to block different marketing ads besides preventing others to track your information. As most of the trackers are usually the advertisements on the web pages, Adblock Plus can prove pretty handy tool to fight privacy issues over internet. It is compatible to both Google Chrome and Firefox. Adblock Plus helps in enhancing your browsing speed since a wide range of ads and Javascript content are blocked.

3). Do Not Track Plus

This add-on is also among the most popular option which is compatible to Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Do Not Track Plus also helps to prevent tracking ad networks, social buttons and other tracking services and companies. The good thing about this add-on is that it gives you all the information in a form of pop-ups whenever you click its tool bar button. It also proves a best privacy protector tool from more than 600 trackers. The tracker database is usually updated on a regular basis to fight the new emerging trackers.

4). Ghostery

It is quite similar to Do Not Track Plus and helps you in preventing your privacy from a wide range of trackers. The good thing about this add-on is that it is compatible to a number of browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer along with supporting the smartphone browsers (iOS). The moment you visit any website, Ghostery simply enlist the number of trackers seen over the web page over the upper right side of the browsing window. It helps you to give additional control of blocking and allowing any website as per your desire. Hence you can simply lock the trackers you desire and open some other one.

5). LeechBlock

It is a willpower aid for internet users who are not able to keep themselves from investing a long time over the time-sapping sites like YouTube and Facebook. You have the option to block any site which hampers your focus at your workplace. LeechBlock is compatible with Firefox.

6). Flashblock

Some Flash based content can be useful for you, however, a majority of websites overuse the technology which hampers your web browser speed to a great extent. It generally prevents all the Flash based content which keeps on appearing over different web pages. The Whitelist feature can help you in trusting your function in the most normal way. Flashblock supports Google Chrome and Firefox.

7). Webmail Ad Blocker

It is somewhere similar to Flashblock but at times, you can even use it as a sledgehammer to crack the nut. The Webmail Ad Blocker is precise in reducing Flash adverts from Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. It also carries some additional tools for tweaking and its look and feel is quite similar to the Gmail interface. It is compatible to Google Chrome and Firefox.

8). FoxyProxy

It helps you in shielding the computer’s real IP address which allows you to access online stuff which can be otherwise seen as blocked. For instance, a couple of YouTube videos may have some restriction outside the United States; however, by using this add-on, you can simply unblock these videos remaining at a place with censored internet use. It supports only Firefox.

9). Click & Clean

A majority of the features found over this add-on can somehow help you in securing your privacy. Hence while running different features over them can help your PC remain away from things like unwanted ads and other intrusions. But in case if you are interested in mopping up any kind of remnants, then Click & Clean does this job in a big way. It is compatible to both the Google Chrome and Firefox.

10). Web of Trust (WOT)

It is a community powered reputation add-on or tool. It pulls on the power of the crowd to rate a number of sites from poor to excellent on a wide range of criteria like from child safety to privacy. If you simply visit any website with proper intention or mere by accident, WOT helps you in knowing about what you are doing. It is a must for any web browser as it informs and updates you about the website content which you visit along with updating you about your actions. It supports a number of browsers including Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome and IE.

If you are concerned about your privacy issue while accessing internet using competent browser add-ons can help you in this cause. The above ten add-ons are the top performing tools which help you a great deal in securing and shielding your privacy the best.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger who is a firm supporter of a healthy and stylish lifestyle. She enjoys writing on health and fitness the most and is currently working on two articles simultaneously Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 price and Mitsubishi Lancer.


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