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Steps For Internet Marketing ProgressThe life of an Internet marketer/blogger newbie could be very lonely. Invariably they work alone, the people in their immediate circle don’t share their ‘nerdy’ enthusiasm and they often don’t even have someone as a ‘sounding board’.

Like most things in life results for the newbie Internet marketer don’t come immediately – on the contrary, if they achieve results, chances are it took a lot of trial and error, wasted money on empty promises of so called ‘gurus’, who sell ‘secrets to success’ that are only secret to the naive newbies.

But worse of all, it erodes the confidence of an already despairing aspiring Internet marketer whose low self-esteem is the only thing decreasing at the speed of light, and as if on steroids, the roots of self doubt are choking the last dwindling gasps of hope… Soon they are lost in the lush dense ‘forest’ of the ‘Internet’. Sure, the net provides an abundance of information, however, the inexperienced newbie has no way of knowing which bit is actually useful, relevant to the needs of their business or, whether it is really the latest in technology or if it is outdated.

Now most newbies are conscientious people who want to do things ‘properly’ and everything has to be ‘ready’ and ‘perfect’ because they want to do a ‘good job’. Getting stuck on details and fine tuning along the way inevitably takes the focus off, a resulting in that ‘lost in the forest’ feeling, they get overwhelmed, fall into despair and end up doing – nothing!!! This contributes to deeper isolation – physically, mentally and emotionally and from this pretty cage that they incarcerated themselves in, they try and save face in front of the “get a real job” union.

So, what is one to do?

You might ask yourself – what to do first? What order of sequence is most efficient?

Who do I believe/trust, what else is necessary to learn and/or buy?

Maybe (my wife/husband/friends are right) I should just get a real job, it certainly would be easier. The search for answers becomes more complex with every question… and this is where probably 90% of the people end up – giving up!!! It’s too hard…

Now, Churchill said – you never, never, never give up, but that’s another blog, a very long one. For those that are not ready to give up – what can they do?

Step One – you have to know your destination and you really have to want it!!!

It has to be clear to the point that you can smell it, feel the temperature and hear the noise of being there.

It has to be personal, it must have meaning to you and most importantly – you have to have a big enough –why. The stronger and more meaningful the reason – the more power you will find to get there.

What does it look like, what does it feel like, how will you know that you have reached your destination, what will you be doing when you get there, how will life be different for you, your family, your business, your friends?

What school are your kids going to now, where do you live, are you still driving the same car? What difference are you able to make to your community, children around the world, lost teenagers, and lonely seniors?

Are you wearing your Armani suit working on your business in the corporate world or did your success buy you the freedom to work in your track pants in the comfort of your home or in your bikinis sitting on the balcony of a resort in some exotic place whilst you are jet setting around the globe working on your business and mixing pleasure in your everyday life?

Once you have a crystal clear picture of it, write it down on a large piece of paper. Make a list in a point form on the left hand side.

Now you are starting to map your way out of that forest!

Step Two is – start writing all the sub-lists against each point describing to yourself what you need to do, to learn, unlearn, form association with, buy, change… in order for the first list to begin manifesting itself in your life. Start doing whatever needs to be done – immediately.

Whether we have our own business or not it is essential that we grow our leadership skills to enable ourselves to do the most productive thing at any given time in life and business and enjoy success sooner… hmm… yet another blog.

Step Three can extend into as many steps as necessary for your particular goal to happen because you will continue writing sub-lists until you reach the very point at where you are now.

You might find yourself out of your comfort zone paddling down “denial’ because you might not feel pleasant to be confronted with the truth of where you actually are. So now not only have you got a crystal clear vision of where you want to be – but it is also undeniably clear where you are at present, however you have a clear map you created to work back towards your ultimate goal.

Just like you would driving from A to B in a foreign place, follow your map! Stay disciplined and focused. With anything you pick up to do, ask yourself – by doing this now is it going to take me closer to my goal in the most efficient manner available to me at the moment? Am I doing the best thing at any given time? Do I really want it and is my ‘why’ unshakable?

If your answer is – yes – keep the champagne on ice – because you are on your journey which will take you to your ultimate goal, and then… just let the bubbly flow!

Congratulate yourself and reward yourself before mapping out further journeys.

Author’s Bio

Olivia Antonic is a quit cigarettes in 60 minutes specialist and life coach from Perth using the Beyond Success System. Please make sure to visit her life coaching website.

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