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Here I am on a techies blog and I’m about to explain to Ben my super-geek friend; the world through a non-techie’s eyes. It is probably hard for a techie to grasp some of what I will share, but please stay with me while I try to explain. You see I am not a techie and haven’t been blogging for very long, so wanted to write this post to hopefully help techies converse with us non-techies out there because I know there are a few of us in the blogosphere.

These scenarios are just some of what I have experienced since I began blogging.

  1. Do not assume everyone’s brain works like yours. It does not and some of us will readily admit this fact. Rather than write programs or sort out code; we prefer to daydream about creative writing and literature but we do appreciate your skills. You do not have to speak in a language we do not understand i.e. techie-speak to impress us. We already class you in the realm of genius as you understand HTML, CSS and the like. See even I know what they are called; just don’t know what they are.
  2. When writing instructions either draw a diagram (you may have to ask one of us creative types to draw it for you if you can’t draw) and mark it clearly in English so we understand what you are on about! Otherwise use a video to show us how and what you are talking about. Some of us learn better with visuals. It also helps us to know vaguely what you are talking about.
  3. When you write a brilliant post we want to not only appreciate your brilliance (remember we already think you are a genius) but would prefer to understand what the post is about.
  4. Don’t tell me how wonderful the new WordPress plugin is unless you are willing to set it up for me. Remember, just because you find it the best thing since sliced bread; I actually am none the wiser. It is only ever wonderful if we can use it and know how it works. I’m sure these products are wonderful; just don’t ask a technophobe to recommend them. Okay??!!
  5. When we tell you that you have written a techie post that we can understand and even implement some of the things you have recommended; then and only then will you know that you are communicating in a language we understand. With this newbie blogger it happens to be English.
  6. Don’t jump from step 1 to step 3 when explaining something technical. I for one do not know what step 2 is and wouldn’t even hazard a guess. You won’t offend me by using very simple non-techie speak when giving me instructions. Remember, I haven’t a clue what you are on about so it’s all new to me and I’m usually in a state of panic when the word program, coding or apps are mentioned! And I’m not fooled by those words: “Anyone can do it!”
  7. Because this is your expertise; be kind to those of us whose skills are elsewhere. You may just need our help sometime. We need to be there for one another and though one side of my brain works overtime; the area that says “problem solving” is mostly switched off. So I appreciate your skills and I hope in time as you get to know me you will appreciate mine too.
  8. When I ask a question on your blog; I always declare I am not a techie so please, please, please use the simplest instructions when answering my query. I don’t want to have to go to another blog and ask the same question over and over. You may smile but on some issues that is what I have done; because the explanations I was given I couldn’t understand. Left me with more questions than answers. You cannot insult me by explaining as if you were talking to a first grader. In fact these days a first grader will probably grasp it easier than me. So keep it as simple as you can.
  9. If you really want to help me; you will probably have to write a few blogging tips along the way so I keep visiting your site. You never know; I might be your next client and employ you as my programmer. After all I never said I would ever understand your techie-speak. Not even when you give it to me in English. :-)

Lastly, to all the techies out there who answer my questions, teach me the basics and then hold my hand while I grasp the simplest of techie tasks I say thank you. It feels amazing when I accomplish these goals. You techies are appreciated. I just don’t understand how your brain works and that’s after many years working as a nurse! Keep blogging everyone and I hope to bump into you sometime in the blogosphere.

Bio: Patricia Perth Australia I blog over on on all things lavender. That’s right. You did read that correctly. I have a small niche blog on a single flower…..the lovely lavender. I would love for you to take a look and leave a comment while you’re there. Join in the conversation and become an active member of the blogging community. I also love Twitter and am a regular Tweetheart. If I visit your blog and you have written a helpful post, then I’ll retweet it. If you ask me nicely I will probably retweet your post too.

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