Google AnalyticsThere are several monitoring tools like Google Analytics which renders you plethora of reports regarding your blogs or websites. These reports carry different statistics and graphs of diverse kinds of metrics. These simply help in understanding your blogs’ growth. Checking these metrics can help you in understanding your blogs’ growth or the pitfall details. Hence you end up framing proper strategy for your blog’s growth. Below are some crucial metrics to monitor your blog’s growth.

The new or unique visits percentage

Checking your unique or new visitors at your blog is really crucial in terms of your blog growth and prosperity. This metric will give you the new comer percentage seen over your blog’s traffic. The first time visitors are important to any blog since it will show the increasing popularity of your blog. This metric would also give you the opportunity for your different ‘call of action’ posed over your blog posts in various forms. The first time visitors respond better and faster as compared to repeat audience, hence checking this metric has prime importance in your blog’s growth perse.

The average visit duration metric

This metric would help you in understanding your readers’ interest and flair over different blog content. Here your blog post frequency and its length give an impact over this particular metric. For example, if your posts carry more than 700 words, the average duration which any visitor should stay range from 3-4 minutes. In the same way, if yours posts carry less than 200 words the average visit duration at any particular post would be low. Hence if you have small content, you need to post them on a regular basis to manage the healthy visit duration from different visitors. This metric is significant in advertising point of view.

Visits from diverse traffic types

The professionals like marketers and advertisers prefer blogs which comes with fresh and new content from popular search engines. Such blogs are often visited by people of diverse background which makes this favorable for generating leads for the advertisers. Generally a majority of bloggers, the search engines and referral traffic (mostly through social media) are considered as the top runners in the race.

The country wise total number of visits and average visit duration metric

Knowing your origin of your blog readers is the prerequisite thing for any blogger. This metric would help you in knowing the nation or geographical location which they hail from. This plays a good role in understanding your blog’s growth. This will help you in customizing your content as per the visitors and their geographical location. Thus you simply take care of your visitors’ interest which plays a key role in prospering your blog to a great extent.

Social actions and bounce rate metrics

This metric helps you in understanding the social actions that keeps on happening over the blog. This metric therefore deals with a number of social media shares of any particular blog post, which has a good say in gauging your blog’s growth. The bounce rate metric gives details about the percentage of traffic bouncing back from your different blog posts. This therefore helps you in improving the quality of your posts or blog to reduce the bounce rate. Thus this metric will help you in refining your content and propel to post relevant and interesting stuffs to alleviate bounce rate.

Wrapping up

Studying the above named metrics would help you in understanding the exact status of your blog and its growth along with checking its popularity in comparison to your rival blogs. If you put sufficient time in understanding different reports based on the above metrics, you would soon embark with a tangible strategy to convert your blog a successful one.

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