Internet marketing is a dynamic industry. The tips and trends that are at rage today might become completely obsolete tomorrow. It’s a must for internet marketers to stay updated about latest trends and techniques in the industry. Two major pillars of SEO are search engine and social media. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. contribute to a lot of visitors to different websites over the internet.

Introduction to Authorship Markup

Top search engines such as Google have been introducing new trends for over a long period of time. Google has been going this to validate itself and its policies, to endorse ethical practices to get exposure online and also to facilitate online marketers. A recent edition in the list of Google’s new introductions is the authorship markup. It is related to content marketing and it has been defined by Google as the method that displays authorship information in the SERP for all the content that the author is creating. In simple words, authorship is Google’s acknowledgement that a certain individual has created the content and published it on the web.

Benefits of Authorship Markup

Google authorship markup consists of a range benefits for content marketers. Before discussing those benefits, it’s important to understand that authorship markup helps a website to get better ranking. The chief benefits of Google’s authorship markup are following;

The first benefit that deserves a mention is higher click through rate. After authorship markup was integrated, many websites conducted trials only to find out if it brings any difference in number of visitors and click through rate. The result was totally astonishing because many websites reported that they received approximately 100% CTR, which was way beyond their expectation. SEO is all about getting visitors from search engines. In simple terms, SEO helps you to get your website on top position so that a significant number of users visit the website and the website gets tremendous exposure. Authorship markup contributed to it as writers, who have already carved out a niche for them, have also created a steady reader base. When those readers find their favorite author’s name tagged with a particular website, they’re likely to click more. That explains why CTR was insanely high. Higher CTR immediately invites two other benefits; one is higher visibility and the other is higher page views.

Other benefits of authorship markup

Regular marketing activities apart, there are many other factors that play a major role in fetching visitors to a particular website. Some of them are following;

  • Eye tracking studies – Results of this study showed that human eye first catches texts that are bold, in italics or somehow different from other chunk of texts. Authorship markup displays the name of the author and his picture when the website comes in the search engine result page. This draws attention of the users and they become interested in reading the content.
  • Overcoming plagiarism issues – Since Google acknowledges the original author, there’s hardly any chance that the content is a duplicate one. Winning the trust of the users is a long-term benefit that authorship markup offers.
  • Building authority – Authorship markup also helps a site to build authority because the author sign up with his Google+ profile and his follower count determines his authority.

Google’s authorship markup can help a website in different ways. The site owner can build credibility, content can be proven original and many SEO benefits can also be availed.


Estela is an aspiring writer. She prefers writing on SEO and wants her readers to understand that SEO helps you to get your website on top position.

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