International Audience The Internet is global but are you making the wonderful content of your website available only to people who read your language?

If you look at the top right corner of this website you’ll notice a little tab with the Google logo and ‘Translate’ written on it. Go ahead and click on it and you’ll see a top bar appear, it’s called Google Translate Tool, you can use this bar to translate my blog to any of the languages available on the tool.

If you wish to have this translation tool on your website go to the Google Translate Tool web page and grab the JavaScript provided and place it on the pages of your website. Here is a little tip from me, do not get the default script found on Step 4, but click on the +plus sign on Step 3 and you will get more options. Select the Tabbed for Display mode, then copy the snippet JavaScript code.

If you are using WordPress, you can place this JavaScript in your footer.php file or in a text widget in your sidebar. I advice placing the JavaScript in the footer because this will optimise your web page for faster loading.

Since I’ve implemented Google Translate I’ve noticed from my Google Analytics an increase in the number of visitors to my website from non-English countries.

Now, how about the quality of the translation of Google Translate Tool?

Given that I speak English and French, I find the quality of the translation is very good considering it is some software doing the translation. To get the best quality of translation from Google Translate Tool I recommend that you write fairly Standard English and keep away from using obscure idioms, acronyms and slang, then Google Translate Tool will do a good translation job. The translation may not be perfect, but at least your non-English speaking readers will get the gist of your content.

Now there’re more goodies available from Google Translate, if you want to find out what they are just click on the coming link and look below where it reads Do more with Google Translate. It might interest you to read what Google have to say about reaching the international audience.

Now if you would like to implement Google Translate on your website and handling code isn’t your thing, I can help you if you would simply contact me.

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