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One of the most common problems I hear about people who are doing some business online is the lack of action taking. I too have had to face this problem as well. See, I haven’t published a new blog post for quite a while and I’ve been pondering why. Here is what I observed and how I overcame my writer’s block.

At first, there was a sentence I kept repeating to myself, “writing is hard”. So I decided I’d rather concentrate on my strengths. While it is wise to focus on our strength and not our weakness, the other reality is also crucial: an online business is primarily made up of having fresh and original content and releasing them on a continual basis. So I noticed while I kept repeating to myself “writing is hard”, the result was: no new blog post was being written.

What you keep telling yourself (to your subconscious) is self-prophetic, if you tell your mind, “writing is hard”, your subconscious just “agrees” with you: “You’re right, so be it”. So, while it makes sense to focus on your strength and not on your weakness, it also makes sense to also aim, at the same time, to turn your weakness into your strength. So how do you go about doing that?

How I changed my thought pattern and turned my weakness into my strength

So how did I change my thinking and behaviour around and start to write again? It’s by stopping telling myself “writing is hard” and to tell my unconscious mind, “writing is easy”. The technique I’ve used to stop telling myself negative things is the NLP Swish techique for taking action.

According to Wikipedia: “The swish pattern is a process that is designed to disrupt a pattern of thought from one that used to lead to an unwanted behavior to one that leads to a desired behavior.”

While this post is not about explaining how to use the NLP Swish technique in detail, the key point I want to bring your attention here is to understand that you need to interrupt your negative thought pattern and replace it with a positive one. In short, just stop it, just stop arguing with yourself, it’s not even try about convincing yourself otherwise. Just stop your dis-empowering pattern of thinking.

When you stop telling yourself, “it’s hard”, and start telling your subconscious mind repeatedly “it’s easy”, your mind just stops arguing with you, “no, it’s not”. You’ll learn to make peace with your subconscious mind when you stop fighting (arguing with) it, then subconscious mind will start to work for you rather than stopping you from making progress.

Thinking isn’t the same as Taking Action

The second way I’ve learnt to beat the lack of action is through observing the behaviour of my children. Often I would ask them to do something, and after a while when I check on them, the action I told them to do is still not done. So, I began to observe them to see why they behave like that. What I observed in the children, I also noticed in myself. They think too much before they decide to act. I often just tell them, “stop thinking about it, thinking time is over, just do it, do it now.”

Now, let transfer this to the context of the writer’s block. Say, you need to write a new blog post, if you keep thinking about it (some people also call this paralysis by analysis), you’ll never write anything. Just tell yourself, “writing is easy”, then stop thinking about it, and just start writing. Just write as you would be talking to someone. Just sit down and start to write.

Guess what happens after you start writing? After a while, you find yourself writing some more and before you know it, you’ll have something to publish. So this is how, I’ve beaten my writing block.

How to Apply this technique to any situation?

Now the same is true for anything else, catch yourself about what you keep repeating to yourself about “making money online”, SEO, building backlinks, learning to use WordPress, learning what RSS is, etc . Are you telling yourself, “it’s too hard?” Just stop telling yourself this because that’s how you are going to experience your online business: hard.

Start telling yourself “it’s easy”, even if you believe otherwise, then take the necessary action to make it become easy for you. For example, pick up a user guide and start reading it. Keep building a few back link to your website each day, plan and organise your to do list. Whatever it is you need to have done, stop just thinking (arguing with yourself) about it, just start doing it.

Now just imagine if you were telling yourself repeatedly these instead, “taking action is easy”, “making money online is easy”, “WordPress is easy”, “my website always works for me”. Can you see what a difference that would make to how your experience your online business?

Stop, get set, Go.

Action Taking Steps Summary

  1. Catch, observe the sentences you tell yourself repeatedly.
  2. Is it a negative sentence that dis-empowers you?
  3. Stop thinking it, and replace the sentence with a positive and empowering one.
  4. Then stop debating about the issue in your mind and just start taking actions… just start doing what you have to do now.
  5. Picture yourself at the starting block, when you hear the start signal, it’s not then the time to think, just start to run.


What else has helped you turn you into an action taking person?

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