first-time-visitorsThis is a post on how to improve your website.

The main challenges for any website are to get traffic to your website, then to get your first time visitors to stay and to come back again.

Now how do you design of your website correctly so your first time visitors will stick around?

To answer that you need to know how and why a visitor will come to your website for the first time.

Common ways someone will come on your website for the first time

There could be a number of ways why someone will come to your website for the first time. Let me name a few.

A lot of people will find your website from a search engine search result because they are looking for something.

Other visitors will come to your website because they are following a link on another webpage and they are interested to read more about the subject of the link.

Some people will come to your website because someone has recommended your website in an email or from the social media,

Some visitors will visit your website because you left a comment on some blog, and reader of your comment want to check out about you. Remember when you leave a blog comment your name is usually a ling to your website.

Many would visit your website because you’ve given them your business card, or you have your website address in your email signature, or from some brochure from the offline world.

Why are  people coming to your website anyway?

To answer the above question you need think as your visitors would. What’s bringing visitors to your website in the first place?

Whatever the means someone is coming to your website for the first time, there are some reasons as to why they are doing so.  They may want to find out what your website is about, what it looks like, but I think the most important reason someone has landed on your website is because they want to find out whether your website has that thing (usually information, but it could be a product, image, audio or video, file, software, etc) which they are looking for.

So what does a first time visitor to your website do immediately upon landing on your site?

I would say, they will be immediately looking for signs to determine what your website is about and if it’s going to have what they are looking for. For most people this would be by looking at the general appearance of your website and looking at the header of your website – your blog title and tag line, and if your website is a blog the heading of your post. Your visitors are going to decide within the next 10 seconds based on the content of your header (or what is above the fold) if they are going to stay or leave your website.

What’s a website header for?

Therefore a good website needs to tell its visitors immediately what it’s about right there in the header. The header must answer questions like: what content are they likely to find on your website, what products or services you have on offer and remember to mention how they are going to benefit from your website. Do that by improving your header, be very clear upfront about what your website is about by having  your slogan or Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in the header and be very specific about what you offer.

The next thing that will entice your visitor to stay is a compelling headline or blog post title that ignite your visitor’s desire to read on. That about writing more intelligent blog post title – but we are entering the domain of copywriting… and I’ll leave that for later.

Finally, if your header isn’t sufficient to communicate everything your website is about, then it is a very good idea to have an about box right in your sidebar there above the fold the explain what your website is about is more details than the header can. And remember to put in there some strong call to action if you can.

So, if you don’t have a well thought out header that precisely answers your first time visitor’s need to know what your website is about or has that which they are looking for, you are going to lose the right people who come to your website because you didn’t communicate with them correctly right from the start.


If you’ve got a website or blog: go back to it and check your header, your tag line or slogan. Does it clearly describe what your website is about and what you are offering? If not, put some minutes aside to think about it and then modify your headline if there is need for it.

Questions you may answer in your comment

  1. How did you decide on your blog title?
  2. Have you considered targeting specific keywords in your blog title
  3. Why did you choose the colour you did for your blog?
  4. Would you change your blog title or tagline after reading this post?

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