LogoLinkedIn1These days, companies are constantly trying innovative marketing strategies to attract & engage potential customers. Social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ & Twitter are an essential component of B2B & B2C strategies to reach out to the digital generation. It’s surprising that few are aware that the professional networking site LinkedIn trounces all of these sites by a whopping margin of 275% when it comes to lead generation. It also offers a stunning conversion rate of 2.75%. Strangely companies still prefer the more glamorous social networking sites to market new products. If the latest market data is any indication, then companies should pay more attention to LinkedIn & utilize its full potential. A few simple tools available in LinkedIn can boost a lot of ad campaigns. Four of them have been listed below & an explanation provided as to how they work.

Products & Services Tab

LinkedIn’s Company Pages contain the “Products & Services Tab”. This allows a company to list their products & offered services in the site. The tool allows the ability to highlight specific content which on being clicked by the user re-directs them to the company’s own web-site where they can enjoy a full listing of the product catalogue & view demos. Visitors can be prompted to share their feedback & recommend the relevant products to others if they so desire. Companies can exploit the full potential of this tab by listing 5 or more products. Once 5 products are listed clients have the option of customizing the tab further. They can put more emphasis on a specific product & create a buzz in the social networking space around it.

Another very unique feature available within this tab is its ability to target a customer based on his / her individual preferences & tastes. We can have more than one version of the same web page which can appeal to someone’s individual preferences. This can strike an instant chord with them & interest them enough to visit the company’s website. This can be achieved by defining a persona sourced from LinkedIn profile information and then adding a variation in the Products & Services tab. This is most likely to interest people of that particular persona by providing information about the products they are more likely to be keen on buying.

Status Updates

Individual users regularly post their status updates on social & professional networking sites. This simple tactic of “Status Updates” can turn out to be an effective marketing tool in the hands of canny companies. They can list any changes to their products or post any new relevant information that might interest people. A simple combination of a photograph & URL can do the trick & redirect potential customers to their websites.

Company Page Statistics

Firms can use the feature offered by “Company Page Statistics” to analyze the online traffic flowing through their company page posted in LinkedIn. They can check out the individual profiles of users visiting their pages & categorize them according to the industries they work in, their relevant job profiles etc. They can then collate all the data on a weekly or monthly basis & perform a trend analysis. The analyzed trends may reveal whether the company page is appealing to sufficient members of the intended target audience. Another great add-on feature of this statistical tool is that its utility can be extended to LinkedIn groups as well &the best part is that it doesn’t require the Group owner’s approval to do so.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn offers a paid advertisement facility where companies can place their ads in the website. This is immensely useful since firms can reach their target audience & industries more easily compared to normal ad channels & market their products more effectively. LinkedIn offers significant cost savings to clients since it has been proved that per head ad cost is much less compared to traditional product marketing tools like television, print media etc. Companies can use a specific LinkedIn URL to lead visitors to their own sites. Tracking tokens can be used to generate relevant statistics like the total number of visitors & the amount of leads generated from the initiative. Based on the response, clients can decide whether or not the campaign has served their interests & decide on their future course of action.

Once companies start using these LinkedIn add-ons it is recommended that they constantly monitor & analyze their effectiveness. They should observe changes to the traffic, leads & conversion rates in a time bound manner & derive a good idea about the potency of their campaign. They can also use customized software to analyze their data. More often than not, they will discover that LinkedIn, used in the right manner adds a lot of value to their marketing campaign.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and autos. Beside this she is fond of cars and fancy accessories. She is a nature lover and prefers to live a green lifestyle and loves to write on her sites ecofriend and bornrich.

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