How to Get Highly Targeted Traffic through Social Bookmarking
Posted 7 years ago

I’ve written a post on getting started with social bookmarking and another one on the benefits of tagging your web contents and a post on how to attract free traffic…

How to Get Highly Targeted Traffic through So…
How Important is it to Connect with Real People Online?
Posted 7 years ago

The start of this new year has been incredible for me. It seems things are just advancing at an accelerated pace for me and in the right direction I would…

How Important is it to Connect with Real Peop…
How to Get the Maximum out of Facebook Comments Plugin
Posted 7 years ago

Guest Post By Brankica Underwood
Knowing that Facebook is number 1 in the world when it comes to visitors number, more and more bloggers are focusing on finding ways to present…

How to Get the Maximum out of Facebook Commen…
3 Steps to Help You Get Where You Want To Be for Internet Marketing Newbie
Posted 7 years ago

Guest Post by life coach Olivia Antonic
The life of an Internet marketer/blogger newbie could be very lonely. Invariably they work alone, the people in their immediate circle don’t share their ‘nerdy’…

3 Steps to Help You Get Where You Want To Be …

How to Get Free Traffic to your Website

sociableHow do I get traffic to my website? Isn’t that a question all website owners ask?

I am going to share with you a free and easy method to get traffic to your website.

Here’s how you do it: be sociable on the Internet.

What do I mean: be sociable? I mean that you show yourself to be a real and nice person on the Internet as you would in the physical world. In the physical world when you go to a social gathering (pub, party, networking function, etc), you meet new people, you introduce yourself to new people, you get introduced to new people, and you yourself introduce people you know to other people they may not know. That’s how you enlarge your group of friends (or network).

On the Internet you can do the same thing, especially on the social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter and the Blogosphere (a fancy word for the universe of blogs). The social media websites are excellent for keeping in touch with your friends and making new friends. You can attract traffic to your website through making friends online.

In this post, I’m going to share with you one free method you can use to attract traffic to your website. It’s by engaging into the conversation on other people’s blogs through commenting. When you comment on someone’s blog, you can leave your name, email address and your website address. When your comment shows up on the blog, your name […]

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Why You Need to Use Google Analytics

If you’ve got a website, it makes sense to want to know how well your website is doing. The Alexa Ranking, which I’ve introduced you in a previous post, will give you an indication of how well your website is doing relative to other websites in terms of traffic, but it will not reveal to you exactly how many people are visiting your website and from where in the world. In this post I will introduce to you tools that will perform the function of counting the exact number of visits your website is getting. They are called "website analytics" or "website metric" tools. I’ve personally used two of these tools, namely and Google Analytics. My first experience with a website metric tool was which I used with my blogger blog. After a few years I started using Google Analytics.

Why You Should Use Tags For Your Web Content

Tagging is the human practice of labelling or associating a word with something else in order to describe it. On the Internet, you can find a lot of examples of tagging. Blog post can have has some tags (also called labels if you are using associated with it (see below), with Gmail you can tag your emails, on videos can have tags, on pictures can be tagged, on books are tagged (e.g. adventure novel, self-help), and on Twitter hashtag is a form of tagging and the social bookmarking website provided a way for its users to add "tags" to their bookmarks (as a way to help find them later).

I was asked what Google Alerts, also referred to as Google News Alerts, are and how to set them up and use them.

First, let me explain what Google Alerts is.

Google Alerts is a free service offered by Google whereby you will be sent a notification email whenever Google discovers a new or updated webpage that contains certain keywords (search terms) you’ve specified.

How does this compare with a normal Google search? When you do a normal Google search Google will return you the results from existing web material that contains your keywords. With Google Alerts you are telling Google to notify you whenever it finds new material on the Internet that contains your search terms (keywords).

Here are what Google Alerts useful for.

  • You can set up Google Alerts to find out who is talking about you on the Internet, you do this by creating a Google alert with your name as search terms.
  • Google Alerts are good to see who is talking about the topic of your interest. Create some alerts with your topic of interest as search terms.
  • For website owners, Google Alerts are useful to find out who is linking to your website. Create some alerts with the URL of your website as search terms.

Here is how you can set up some Google Alerts:

If you already have a Gmail account you are ready to use Google Alerts, if you don’t have a Gmail account you’ll have to sign up for one.

First, log in to your […]

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What’s Alexa Ranking?

In my previous post on Google PageRank I mentioned Alexa Ranking, also known officially as the Alexa Traffic Rank.

As promised, I am now going pick up where I left it and explain what the Alexa Traffic Rank is.

Alexa Traffic Rank gets its name from the website named which belongs to Alexa calls itself “The Web Information Company”. The aim of Alexa is to gather information about all existing websites and present them to anyone who wants to check on a website.

While most Internet users may not know what Alexa is, the information available on and more particularly the Alexa Traffic Ranking for websites is particularly important and useful to website owners.

The Alexa Traffic Rank is an estimated number that Alexa places on any website to indicate how popular the website is, that is, how well the website is doing in term of traffic in relation to other websites. Just like the Google PageRank, Alexa makes use of some sophisticated technologies to make those estimates.

For example, my website has an Alexa Traffic Rank of 626,903, at the time of writing. This means, in Alexa’s estimate, of all the websites out there 626,208 have more web traffic than my website. Now, it would be interesting to note, Google has an Alexa Traffic Rank of 1and Facebook 2, meaning Google is the most popular website and Facebook the second most popular website on the planet and according to in July 2010 there were 205,714,253 […]

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What is Google PageRank and How to Improve it?

When you browse the Internet you must have encountered a number of websites, Google and Yahoo for example, which want you to install their toolbar on your web browser.  Yahoo Messenger, may attempt to install Yahoo toolbar on your web browser as part of the Yahoo Messenger installation.

Actually, all the web browser toolbars that exist out there are competing to find a place on your web browser. Some toolbars are useful, others are just a nuisance if you are not making use of them.

It is important to realise that what you see on your web browser, if you don’t have any extra toolbar installed, is simply just the tip of the iceberg for a webpage. For most people that is just fine. But if you are a website owner, a blogger or an Internet Marketer, there is a lot more information you would want to see or know about your own website and those you visit, that’s just below the surface.

I will mention 2 things here that you would not know unless you added some extra toolbars to your web browser: the Google PageRank rating for a web page and the Alexa Ranking for a website.

First, let me explain what Google PageRank rating is. Note, Google PageRank should not be confused with the ranking of your website in a search result when you search for a certain keyword.

Google assigns a PageRank number between 0 to 10 to any webpage it discovers. A Google PageRank of […]

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