How to Get Highly Targeted Traffic through Social Bookmarking
Posted 7 years ago

I’ve written a post on getting started with social bookmarking and another one on the benefits of tagging your web contents and a post on how to attract free traffic…

How to Get Highly Targeted Traffic through So…
How Important is it to Connect with Real People Online?
Posted 7 years ago

The start of this new year has been incredible for me. It seems things are just advancing at an accelerated pace for me and in the right direction I would…

How Important is it to Connect with Real Peop…
How to Get the Maximum out of Facebook Comments Plugin
Posted 7 years ago

Guest Post By Brankica Underwood
Knowing that Facebook is number 1 in the world when it comes to visitors number, more and more bloggers are focusing on finding ways to present…

How to Get the Maximum out of Facebook Commen…
3 Steps to Help You Get Where You Want To Be for Internet Marketing Newbie
Posted 7 years ago

Guest Post by life coach Olivia Antonic
The life of an Internet marketer/blogger newbie could be very lonely. Invariably they work alone, the people in their immediate circle don’t share their ‘nerdy’…

3 Steps to Help You Get Where You Want To Be …

How to Resolve WordPress RSS Widget Time Out Error

Feedburner Logo

If you have a WordPress blog you can display any RSS feed in your sidebar using the RSS widget. You only need to put in there the RSS feed you want and select the number of post you want to display.

Yesterday I’ve encountered an issue with the RSS widget in the form of this error:

RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: Operation timed out after 10000 milliseconds with 3560 bytes received

I’ve searched on Google for the solution for this error, but there’s not much helpful information or solution for this error.

So I had to come up with a creative solution to fix this error.

First I needed to understand what was causing this error. Here is what I found out. Time out means your RSS widget gave up waiting for information from the RSS feed server. If you are getting this error on your blog, there is nothing wrong with your blog. It’s the web server of the feed that is too slow. If the source of the feed does not belong to you, you can’t do anything about it. If the source of the feed belongs to you, then you might need to optimise your website.

The solution I came up with does not require any code hacking on my side but to find a way to have the RSS feed served faster to the RSS widget and I happen to know what can do that. The solution is to use Google […]

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How to Change the size of Gravatar Photo

Today, I’ve change the comment gravatar photo size on this website: I want to share with you how I did it. Now, I understand what Patricia has just written in her guest post about how to communicate to non-techie. I’ll have to warn that is post is a bit advance and not for newbies.

I shall assume you already know the anatomy of a WordPress theme, you know PHP, and you know how to edit WordPress theme files.

To change increase the size of the Gravatar photo just editing the CSS properties of the photo will not do the job as you would be stretching the size of a smaller photo and cause a lost in the quality of the photo.

To change the size of the gravatar photo, you’ll have to edit the comments.php file in your theme, this file is found in /wp-content/themes/youractivetheme.

Open comments.php and identify this function wp_list_comments()

If it looks like that wp_list_comments(‘type=comment’);

Add this piece of code &avatar_size=50 so it now look like that wp_list_comments(‘type=comment&avatar_size=50’);

Now, Ive changed the default gravatar size from 32 pixel to 50 pixel.

If you have Wp Threaded Comment Plugin you’ll have to edit its setting so the gravatar size is the same for the threaded comments as well. This is easier as you won’t have to edit the plugin codes.

To edit the Wp Threaded Comment plugin go to Settings > Wp Threaded Comment Identify the following section:

Edit Comment HTML

edit the following code with […]

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Guest Post by Patricia Millman


Here I am on a techies blog and I’m about to explain to Ben my super-geek friend; the world through a non-techie’s eyes. It is probably hard for a techie to grasp some of what I will share, but please stay with me while I try to explain. You see I am not a techie and haven’t been blogging for very long, so wanted to write this post to hopefully help techies converse with us non-techies out there because I know there are a few of us in the blogosphere.

These scenarios are just some of what I have experienced since I began blogging.

  1. Do not assume everyone’s brain works like yours. It does not and some of us will readily admit this fact. Rather than write programs or sort out code; we prefer to daydream about creative writing and literature but we do appreciate your skills. You do not have to speak in a language we do not understand i.e. techie-speak to impress us. We already class you in the realm of genius as you understand HTML, CSS and the like. See even I know what they are called; just don’t know what they are.
  2. When writing instructions either draw a diagram (you may have to ask one of us creative types to draw it for you if you can’t draw) and mark it clearly in English so we understand what you are on about! Otherwise use a video to show us how and

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Multiply Your Profits with Joint Ventures

The Next Step

Joint Venture Agreement

You can generate a decent income with your own product. If you create a rock-solid product and do all of the right things in terms of promotion, you will generate sales. If you’ve created the right product in the right market space, you’ll enjoy some decent sales numbers.

However, you won’t really make the big money if you’re out there alone. The most successful internet marketers realize that it’s easier to achieve success if you’re traveling with joint venture partners. There’s strength in numbers.

Can you imagine the sales you’d make if big name marketers actively promoted your product? How big could the numbers get if you had top marketers backing your product just as diligently as they would their own? What if you could multiply that impact by teaming up with a group of top marketers?

The World of Joint Ventures

Every product creator needs an affiliate program. If you can get other people working to promote your product, it will multiply your sales. The standard-issue affiliate program won’t do the trick, however. You need more than a few other marketers on board to reach your potential. You want to build relationships with movers and shakers who can send your product to the top of the best-seller list.

Welcome to the world of joint ventures. There’s no better way to post sales than by creating JVs with top marketers. That’s why anyone who’s serious about internet marketing needs to get serious about joint ventures.

Unfortunately, […]

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Don’t Go Broke Trying to Build an Online Business

Forty Thousand Dollars Later

Don't Go Broke

How often are you purchasing ebooks, strategy guides and software to build your Internet marketing (IM) business? Are you spending money left and right in hopes of finding the perfect Internet business system? Do you have a habit of buying everything you can, hoping to find the one last piece of your profit puzzle?

You’re not the only one convinced that the only way to make money involves spending it in copious quantities. Many IMers are on the buy-buy-buy-and-buy-some-more treadmill.

And that’s totally understandable. It’s perfectly reasonable to purchase new products and information to refine your already-successful business. It’s sane and sensible to invest in new strategy guides to stay abreast of changes in the industry and to get your hands on innovative ideas. Making those purchases before you have a profitable business is a different matter, though.


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How and why to build an email list

Email ListYou’ve probably heard this common Internet marketing mantra a million times. The money is in the list. Building your own list is one of the last legitimate home based business opportunities. You can’t afford to ignore this powerful approach.

Why it works

Marketing research reveals that most people don’t make a purchase after one exposure to a marketing message. Repeated encounters are a key to generating sales. The best way to reach someone more than once is by making them a part of your subscriber list.

People are also more likely to buy from those with whom they feel a trusting connection. List marketing gives you a chance to develop a relationship with the people on your list. That increases your credibility, producing more sales.

How to do it

Internet marketing is a proven winning home based business for women or men when you implement a simple squeeze page. A squeeze pages has only one purpose. It should convince readers to sign up for your list. Nothing else really matters.

The use of a free gift is an effective way to persuade visitors to join your list. You can use this proven approach to build yourself a serious business.

It’s not enough to have a good freebie, though. Building a squeeze page the right way is just as important. There are proven ways to build an optimal squeeze page. You should be using those approaches. As such, you’ll want to rely on these three strategies.

Squeeze page basics

First, keep […]

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