How to Get Highly Targeted Traffic through Social Bookmarking
Posted 7 years ago

I’ve written a post on getting started with social bookmarking and another one on the benefits of tagging your web contents and a post on how to attract free traffic…

How to Get Highly Targeted Traffic through So…
How Important is it to Connect with Real People Online?
Posted 7 years ago

The start of this new year has been incredible for me. It seems things are just advancing at an accelerated pace for me and in the right direction I would…

How Important is it to Connect with Real Peop…
How to Get the Maximum out of Facebook Comments Plugin
Posted 7 years ago

Guest Post By Brankica Underwood
Knowing that Facebook is number 1 in the world when it comes to visitors number, more and more bloggers are focusing on finding ways to present…

How to Get the Maximum out of Facebook Commen…
3 Steps to Help You Get Where You Want To Be for Internet Marketing Newbie
Posted 7 years ago

Guest Post by life coach Olivia Antonic
The life of an Internet marketer/blogger newbie could be very lonely. Invariably they work alone, the people in their immediate circle don’t share their ‘nerdy’…

3 Steps to Help You Get Where You Want To Be …

Get indexed, get ranked, get traffic

Traffic at nightIt’s undeniable that the one thing you need to succeed in your online business is traffic. And nothing beats free traffic. So where do we get free traffic? Google and other search engines.

How do we get free traffic from Google?

You’ve experienced this process a lot of times. You visit your favorite search engine. Enter in a word or phrase you want to research. And then you visit one or more of the sites that show up. That website owner has just enjoyed the benefit of free traffic. We will be discussing here how to get website traffic to you for free.

If you’re like most people you only click links on the first page or two. The truth is that this first page of results receives nearly all the clicks. And believe it or not, the first 3 results receive over 70% of the traffic.

This means that to get any real traffic you need to be on the first page in Google. And this means Google needs to “rank” you as a top 10 result. And this bring us to…

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a measure of how well Google and other search engines think your website matches the search terms people are typing into their search boxes. The formula Google uses to determine this is known only by Google. But there are several things that we know for sure.

Getting indexed

Before your website can begin gaining ranking, you have to alert Google […]

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Affiliate Marketing Revised

Businesswoman Writing on White Board

OK, forget everything you know about affiliate marketing. The simple truth is that the old rules no longer apply. If you play by the old rules, you will lose this game.

The big lie

Unfortunately, you’ve been led to believe affiliate marketing is easy. Well, that’s true . . . to a point It’s far easier that developing, selling and supporting your own product. But starting your own business is really hard, so it’s all relative.

The cold hard truth

The worst part is that the information you’ve received is all wrong. You’re told to pick one of more products to promote. Next to pick your keywords carefully. Then to use these keywords to buy ads promoting the product. And finally get a fat check for all the sales. But this just won’t work!

Don’t bother with keywords

There was a time when this worked. But the competition has shot the price of keywords through the roof. Adapt and change…

The NEW game

There’s still hope. Here’s a new method that works!

  • Do CPA marketing instead of product promotion
  • Utilize demographics data
  • Do image ad marketing

Start using CPA marketing

CPA means Cost Per Action. It’s far superior to product promotion. Because your visitor doesn’t have to buy anything. You get paid when they take an “action”. Like completing a survey. And it’s much easier to get them to do that.

Utilize demographics data

You’re not even going to use keywords (explained below.) But demographics are highly important. […]

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7 reasons why you MUST have your own info product

Information ProductConsider this: What’s the biggest reason millions of people log onto the internet each day? Simple. To get information. Google alone serves up 400 million searches per day! Why should you care? This quest for information is an opportunity for you to fill a need. And when done correctly, you can get paid for it, too!

Info marketing 101

First of all, an info business is the least complex business possible. You develop a product that is nothing more than information. And people pay you for the information inside it.. Sounds simple enough, right?

But how does it all work?

We’ve established that it’s a simple concept. But to make it a successful business you’ve got to provide information people want. So step one is to discover what kind of info people want. How do you do that?

A super simple trick is to just to check “answer” sites. Head over to or Yahoo! answers and look at the questions being asked there. Your goal is to find a common problem. That people are having trouble solving. Then just give them the answer in your ebook.

An encouraging word

If you’re concerned about information product development Consider this: An ebook is nothing more than a collection of articles. Don’t try to write a whole ebook. Just try to write one or two articles a day. And when you have a collection, refine and expand on them and put them together into an ebook.

OK, what’s so hot about digital […]

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Using Web Audio for Success

Web AudioThere is no doubt that web page audio significantly increases results. If you don’t have audio in your arsenal, you’re missing out. Adding it raises your opt-in conversions. Audio increases sales.

But why?

There’s no real mystery. The web is mostly silent. It makes your site more “human”. And adds the feel of a real live person. Audio literally breathes life into your website. Which fascinates greater interaction from your visitors.

Here are the benefits

There are actually two profit boosts from using audio. First, you’ll make more sales. And you’ll spend less getting those customers. Instead of having to pay a professional to write you a great sales letter. Simply record an audio message yourself. An authentic message from you will do more than the best ad copy.

You’ll also get better conversions on your list opt-ins. The reason this works so well is because people need to be told what to do. Just add a short audio message saying: Fill in your name and email and click submit. Just this one simple thing will boost opt-ins up to 315%!

Some ways to use audio

A welcome message on your homepage. Most people abandon a website within just a few seconds. Your welcome message could make them stay when they would normally leave.

Step-by-step instructions. It’s the same as when you use audio to increase your subscribers. Use an audio message to lead your visitors through a process. That includes filling in your order form!

Get testimonials for your […]

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Sneaky Affiliate Tricks

Web VideoAffiliate marketing can be very difficult to break into. The reason is because there is a lot of competition. What you need to do is come up with methods no one else is using. And the sea of information about this doesn’t make it any easier. Well, here’s on simple thing you can do that will put you ahead of the game.

Affiliate videos

No one would deny the power and popularity of video. Video online is everywhere because people love it. About the only thing that keeps people’s attention anymore is video. So you can put this to great advantage in your affiliate marketing.

Here are a few ideas for creating affiliate videos:

  • Do a testimonial video
  • Record a walk-through
  • Ordering
  • Sneak peak


It doesn’t get any easier than this. Simply turn on your recorder and talk. It doesn’t have to be professional or polished. Listening to your honest endorsement makes your viewers feel comfortable buying. In truth, mistakes and mess-ups just make it more believable. So serious, just turn on the camera and talk. If you don’t want to be in front of the camera use one of the other methods.

Record a walk-through

This technique works slightly more subconsciously. Basically you’re doing a tutorial on how to use the product. And in the process you’re actually selling the product. As long as the product is good, the tutorial makes them want it. So just make sure you’re demoing a good product.


This one is […]

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Email List Building Strategies

Email DollarIf you’re going to be successful in internet marketing, you need to build a list. It’s the number one key to opening the success floodgates. After it’s built, it’s yours to use any time you want. Just push a button and print money – literally.

So, how do you build a list?

There are 3 factors in list building you need to consider:

  • The Squeeze Page
  • Your Bribe
  • The Thank You Page

Your Landing Page – The squeeze page is the first thing your visitor is going to see. It’s the page where you ask them for their email address. So, obviously it has to be well designed. And it needs to be simple to see how to opt in. You’ve also got to make a strong “close”.

If you fail to make a strong close, you’re wasting your efforts. This is a definitive message that tells your visitor what to do. You opt-in rates will take a dramatic nose dive without it. The funny thing is that people just don’t know what to do unless you tell them.

One way to really spice up your squeeze page is to add a compelling video to the page. Adding video will help keep your visitors attention. And you can repeat the call to action several times int he video. Then at the end of the video you can print “sign up now” on the video.

If you don’t know how to make video, don’t worry. You can hire freelancers to do […]

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