PinterestIf you operate a blog or business website, chances are strong that you understand the importance of utilizing social networking sites for marketing and promotional purposes. According to comScore Data Mine, social networking sites reached 82 percent of the world’s online population, representing 1.2 billion users around the world, as of January 2012. By establishing a strong presence on the most popular networking sites, you can drive massive amounts of global traffic to your blog or business website, which can translate to more revenue and exposure.

The hottest social networking phenomena to date is Pinterest, a virtual pinboard-style photo sharing community. According to Fortune magazine, Pinterest has become the fastest growing social media website in history. Yes, you read that correctly! Pinterest is growing more rapidly than Facebook and has become the fastest social networking site ever to hit 10 million unique monthly visitors.

So, what’s this Pinterest really all about? Pinterest gives its users the opportunity to share the amazing multimedia content they find throughout the web. This content may include photos, videos or even text-based items. Some of the most common content themes that can be found on Pinterest include beauty, fashion, home decor, foods, arts and crafts and inspiration. Pinterest really does create a sense of community in that its users can follow other users who happen to share similar tastes and interests. Pinterest users, or “pinners” as they are known, can create their own pinboards organized by various categories, such as “fashion” or “delicious foods,” for instance.

So, how can your blog or business website integrate Pinterest in its marketing and promotional strategies to ultimately increase revenue and global exposure? Let’s take a look.

Pinterest User Growtgh June 2012


Can Your Niche Work on Pinterest?

It is important that you understand some key characteristics of Pinterest and its users before using this networking tool for marketing and promotional purposes. Currently, 80 percent of Pinterest users are female and this should make sense since the content themes found on this networking site are geared primarily toward this audience. Would any component of your niche appeal to women? Is your blog all about beauty and offering fashion tips? Does your business website provide local home decor services? If so, you can tap into Pinterest to generate revenue and exposure. It is also important that you create eye-candy pins that can stand out. You may want to hire a digital graphic designer for this.


Join Pinterest and Follow a Variety of Users

Once you determine that Pinterest is an appropriate networking tool for you to tap into, you should join Pinterest and create a profile for your blog or business website. It is important that you follow a variety of users and brands that belong in the same niche as you. If you sell arts and crafts, follow Pinterest users who happen to be interested in this niche. If you have quality products to sell and can convey this through your eye-candy pins, you can make the sale.

Add the “Pin It!” Button to Your Site

As your blog or business website establishes a strong and respectable presence on Pinterest, you will want to add the “Pin It!” button to your site. This will provide the Pinterest users who visit your site an easy method to take your images and directly post them to their pinboards. As you can imagine, the “Pin It!” button will begin to work for itself in no time. As users grab your images and put them on their pinboards, the chances for “re-pins” will also increase. “Re-pins” happen when Pinterest users take images from other users’ boards and then “re-pin” them onto their own. This is very similar to backlinking in the SEO world in that it is a way to get your brand out there as much as possible on Pinterest.

Closely Monitor Your Analytics

As a blog or business website owner, you have access to powerful analytics that allows you to track exactly where your traffic is coming from through Pinterest. This can help you tweak or adjust your marketing and promotional strategies as necessary. To keep things simple, do more of what seems to be driving traffic from Pinterest to your site.

Pinterest has become a major source of traffic for retailers. In fact, Pinterest derived traffic tends to convert at e-commerce sites into sales at higher rates than Facebook traffic does. This is why Pinterest is an amazing social networking tool for blogs and business websites to tap into.

Grace Mitchell is a “serial pinner” and online instructor for The College Grace enjoys unwinding after a long day by viewing and sharing beautiful photos on Pinterest. Grace has a strong understanding of how busineses are now turning to Pinterest for marketing and promotional purposes.

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