Arriving at Porongurup National Park

Last weekend (25-27 Sep 2010:) was a long weekend in Western Australia and some friends of ours suggested we go camping for the weekend. I thought it would be a great idea to take a break and do something different. It was a wonderful trip and over the next few blog posts I want to share with you the experience. I got quite a number of personal development lessons and I made a number of interesting marketing observations as well when I was out there.

Here is how it started, when my friend suggested we go to the Porongurups, I thought it was about a hundred kilometres from Perth, but when I checked Google maps to my surprise it would be a 380 kilometres trip and the Porongurups looked very close to Albany. Now, in my mind Albany is just too far away for a car trip by me and I’ve only ever driven within the Perth metropolitan area before.

I thought Albany was about a thousand kilometres or so away from Perth, which was the impression I had when I looked at the map of Western Australia. I was under the wrong impression because I interpreted the map wrongly and it never occurred to me to actually check the facts about the distance. The consequence of this would have been: because of my ignorance I would never have made such a trip if it was only up to me.

I only realised after checking that I could easily do the trip because my car does 500 km with a full tank. I could just do it.

Here is the personal development lesson I got from this.What am I missing out in life because of wrong impressions or misinformation that I never thought of actually checking out?

We can miss out or fall short on a number of things in life because we maybe under the wrong impression of: “it’s too difficult, I can’t do that, it would be too expensive, or I just don’t know enough”.

If there is one thing we rarely do, unless we are taught to, is to question our impressions. Have you ever noticed how often you take your impressions for fact? It can be worse as believing they are fact sometimes we hold on to our misinformation.

What about the impression or first impression you have about someone? We are always getting impressions (actually making judgements) on people based on what they say, do, wear, keep company with, etc. Are those impressions fact? Would it pay to have a second impression?

Robert Kiyosaki said, “Intelligence is the ability to make finer distinctions”. So, it pays to know and be able to make the distinction between what you take for fact and what is indeed fact. I’ve heard many teachers say you must act upon your gut feeling or intuition because they tell the truth. Well, there is a fine line between impressions and intuition. Are you able to distinguish between the two? I would say, when you do or don’t act upon mere gut feelings, just be aware that’s what they are. Do your due diligence, and check the facts as well.

I’ve visited Albany, Denmark, some wineries.

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