When you come to this website -my blog – it invites you to subscribe to my RSS feed and you may ask yourself, “what is RSS feed and how do I subscribe to it?”

Well, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

This video below does a very good job at explaining what RSS feed is and will show you how simple it is to subscribe to a RSS Feed. You will know how to subscribe to my RSS feeds immediately after watching this video.

The video below explains RSS feed that in plain English.

Subscribing to my RSS feed will save you time and notify you instantly when I put out a new blog post.

You can subscribe using Google Reader or your Microsoft Outlook software. Just click on the RSS button at the upper right corner and let your computer guide you through. Just follow the instructions and in a short while you will be subscribed to my blog.

So, if you haven’t subscribed to my RSS feed yet, what are you waiting? Go ahead try it, now that you understand what RSS feed is.

Next I will explain what Feedburner is and how you can use it to subscribe using email.

Oh, by the way, you can subscribe to my newsletter. I really want to use my newsletter to keep you up to date with my latest tips and notify your of new blog post releases. So fill your name and email address below and click Subscribe Me.

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