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WordPress is Versatile and Adaptable

Why WordPress ImageMany years ago, HTML was the only way that you could have a web site. You had to hire a web site designer if you wanted to have an appealing site online for your business. You had to pay good money if you wanted your site to look professional. The more things you wanted it to do, the more money you were likely to pay. Since WordPress came along though, things have changed drastically.

At first WordPress was just used to power blogs. Many people turned to blogging as a means of representing their business because it was easy to start a blog. You could have WordPress up and running with your own hosting and your own domain in a matter of minutes. People loved it. It wasn’t blogging that they loved as much as the easy-to-use content management system (CMS) though. Businesses and entrepreneurs that wanted their own site no longer had to dish out hundreds of dollars (or more) for a website designer because WordPress was free and it was something they could learn to use themselves!

The more people used WordPress and its simple CMS, the more uses they found for it. Although it started out as a blogging platform, people have since found that there are many other ways that it can be used thanks to the wide scope of WordPress Themes that are available. While free WordPress themes are quite useable, paid themes offered webmasters even more ways to use WordPress.

Here are some of ways that WordPress is being used today

Portfolio: Artists, graphic designers, photographers, and other creative types are using WordPress as a way of displaying their work for potential clients. Models are using it to showcase their talents. With themes that don’t look anything like a blog, artistic people are discovering that WordPress lets them step to the front when it comes to taking part in their career.

E-commerce: Do you have physical products to sell? It is simple to set up an e-commerce site with WordPress thanks to plugins like the WordPress E-commerce Plugin. It allows you to easily integrate PayPal, Google Checkout, PaymentExpress or other payment processors and comes with built-in security. With built in social networking abilities, one page checkout, and valuable support you can have your store up and running in no time.

Review site: What do you like to review? Movies, music, web apps, web hosting, plugins, and other blogs – all of these are easy to review thanks to plugins like MyReviewPlugin and WP Review Site. These plugins allow the user to import data from a database or implement a ratings system. You can automatically embed affiliate links to increase your earnings from the site, too.

Video site: You can easily set up a video site with videos you make yourself or free videos from YouTube and other popular videos sites. Fill your site with videos that fit a particular niche and monetize it with affiliate products or Google Adsense.

Mobile site: More and more people are using their cellular devices and other portable devices for surfing the Internet but not all sites can be easily viewed on the smaller screens. With the free plugin, MobilePress you can develop a site that is meant for those who view it with a cellular phone. This could be a mirror site of your original site or it can be a site that you’ve developed just for cell phone users.

Membership site: More and more businesses are creating sites that keep most of their content for paying members only. Setting up a membership site used to cost a lot of money because it had to be secure. Now, WordPress and plugins like MagicMembers and MemberWing allow you to keep members only information secure. You can set up a payment system through your choice of payment processor with just a few clicks.

WordPress is one of the most versatile and adaptable content management systems. For those who are new to online sites, it is simple to learn and for those that have more advanced skills there is no limit to what it can do. WordPress has taken building web sites into a whole new playing field.

Danielle McGaw is a freelance writer that has been obsessed about blogging since she got her first computer.  She lives in a small town in Canada where she writes daily and goes for coffee a lot.  You visit her on her blog, The Social Media Freelancer or visit her professional freelance writer site if you would like to contact her.



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